1. Cookie Request From - submit the online form below.
  2. Confirm Availability - We will let you know if that date is available to accommodate your custom cookie request.
  3. Pay Invoice - Submit payment within 72 hours of invoice receipt to secure availability on our production calendar.
  4. Cookie Pick Up - All order pickups will be made at Southern Paradise Antique & Thrift Store located at 105 S 13th St, Erwin, NC 28339.  We kindly ask to arrive on time to avoid customer overlap. Please wait for notification before picking up your order.
 *Prior to submitting your request please note:

Local Customers - Please provide a 10-14 business day advance notice prior to your special occasion to secure availability. 

Custom cookie pricing begin at $25.80 per dozen and up depending on the design, with a 2 dozen minimum requirement for standard size cookies and 4 dozen for mini cookies .

Please read our FAQs if you have allergies. We do not offer gluten free cookies at this time.
Decorated heart shaped cookies in wooden
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