Frequently Asked Questions

When is the latest I can place my order?

All orders must be placed at least 10-14 business days in advance prior to event.

How long do the cookies stay fresh?

Our cookies are made from scratch with no preservatives. They can stay fresh up to TWO WEEKS after being baked; preferably kept in a heat sealed bag. If out of the bag keep in a cool dry place in an airtight container.


Detailed list of ingredients used for cookies: European-style butter, sugar, organic eggs, vanilla, baking powder without aluminum, sea salt, and organic unbleached all-purpose flour. Detailed list of ingredients for royal icing: meringue powder, vanilla, purified water, and food coloring. Cookies are made in a kitchen that handles nuts, dairy, citrus and gluten. Please do not purchase if you have an allergic reaction to such.

Do you have a discount for bulk orders?

Only for drop cookies and naked sugar cookie orders of 10 dozen or more. For custom sugar cookies there is none due to the labor intensive nature of the product. Since our custom sugar cookies are handcrafted and we use top quality ingredients that are imported and organic, we do not offer discount on iced orders. Please keep in mind we include in our prices expenses, material, and labor into our price. We believe, with the care put in each cookie and the quality of ingredients, our pieces are still low compared to others.

When can I lock in my date?

If inquiries about dates and cookie details are discussed in any form of communication at any time prior to event, this does not guarantee a spot in our production schedule. All orders must come to a final transaction with payment. Upon payment of receipt, a pickup time will be set.

Do you ship your cookies?

We do not offer any shipping at the moment.